About -

Crafting a future filled with creativity 1 paper doll at a time.

I Can Craft That started in 2010 with a paper bird mobile for my daughter’s nursery when I was 8 months pregnant. It grew to include many different products, mostly paper products but other items too. Late in 2016 I decided to refocus my brand on something I care deeply about. Connecting people through crafts. Yes, I can craft that, but so can you. Craft kits with the supplies and instructions you need to have fun and let your creativity fly free with friends, family or your children. It’s a time to connect one on one with people around you that you love without the distractions of phones, tv, or internet.

Starting with paper doll puppet kits for kids and adults to let their inner kid shine through. My daughters love them, as do all their friends, and friends moms. Simple enough for kids and 'uncrafty' dads to enjoy but a virtual blank slate of creativity for arty Moms.

Puppets are just the beginning, with other new product ideas rolling around in my head including going back to my origional paper mobiles (birds planes and more), and DIY dream catcher kits.