Thursday, September 29, 2011

Falling in Love with my Wreath

You know how I made that paper bag wreath and put our silhouettes on it in the summer? Then I decided that it was too Fallish and made a tissue paper wreath. Well now that its fall I made an entirely different wreath. Why you ask? Well when we were living in the apartment it was a OK to have an all paper wreath up on my front door. Not like it was going to get rained on. Now that I live in a house, not so much. I figured if it didn't get directly rained on it would still get soggy outside. So I took inspiration from itz fitz! Etsy shop and a grapevine wreath I had laying around ready to use and made this little ditty in a hour.

I used fabric glue, hot glue and felt I already had. I think its pretty... ok, for a first try at making these flowers, but itz does it way better. I was going to share a tutorial on how to make them but there are already a million of them out there so instead Ill share those with you. No sense in me clogging up the internet with ideas that are already out there.

At some point, probably in the spring now, I am going to be stripping my front door and painting it yellow so I wanted to choose colours that would accent that. Purple is the complementary colour to yellow and I plan on using alto of that in my flowers etc. I also decided that maybe some mustard would look good, and a neural like grey. Well I didnt have much grey so i used some oatmeal instead and added one grey flower. Bring it upstairs all said and done... and the grey is more like blue, and photographs like lilac... sigh. Such is crafting in the basement.


One thing I saw somewhere in cyberspace was that if you roll your flower from the outside in, instead of the inside out as most do, it opens the flower up more making it look fuller and a bit more realistic, like this one here:

Miss Priss has a tutrorial. As does June Pfaff Daley.  I know there are lots more. Just Google, Rolled Felt Flower, or no sew felt rose and you can come up with lots of them.


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Very the colors that you used! Hop over and check out my giveaway.


Morgan @ said...

Beautiful! I'm so inspired to create one of these :).

Lauren Davis said...

I just stumbled upon this project on Pinterest, and plan to make one soon! I just bought a wreath! The only problem is that I can't find any great felt colors. I searched at Hobby Lobby and Michaels, but they had mostly girly or primary colors. Wondering where you got your felt. Thanks!